Although every site is different and has differing plant we have developed and successfully applied a system of Boiler Optimisation, to other sites in the region, that mean that the boiler(s) only fire when they have a true load and are not cycled on and off with little or no load.


To achieve this we apply / install a controls kit consisting of a controller panel (and relays as necessary) coupled with clamp on sensors, that are fitted to each boilers flow and return pipe-work.


The system is localised to boiler locations only, is non invasive from a mechanical perspective and requires minimal down time of the existing system(s) whilst engineers make the final connections to the MCP / controls already in position.


see table below

The intended solution equipment is simple, standard, predominantly proprietary, UK / locally sourced / manufactured. The only aspect that doesn’t fall into this category is the software strategy itself which has been devised, written and successfully applied by us. As part of the commissioning process certain site specific values will be added as necessary.

The system applied is both simple in nature and construction and has a common strategy across the spectrum - accepting the quantity changes as the number of boilers increase in each scenario. Step changes of varying size do occur at each boiler number increase but most significantly above the 3 Boiler mark, where an extra controller is needed.


Savings are calculated based on the difference between hours requested by the original system controls minus the actual hours run. This can then be expressed in a suitable manner (I.e. multiplied by the fuel usage figures).


On typical sites worked thus far savings in the order of 10% - 12%+ have been realised within a short space of time.

BEEP B2 Savings Snapshot.png
BEEP B2 Savings

As Installed Operational BEEP Box.jpg
As Installed Operational BEEP Box


BEEP B2 Savings Snapshot.png
BEEP B2 Savings


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